9th Jun 2016

Lusan Mandongus Presents 2017 Bridal Collection in Meteor Rain

The 2017 Bridal Collection of Lusan Mandongus brought an air of intergalactic glamour to the runway at the SiSposaitalia Collezioni in Milan, Italy. Lusan Mandongus returns with another successful presentation, as a procession of gorgeous space beauties- dressed in shimmering wedding dresses – descends from the gates of the cosmic universe, against an elegant view of shooting meteors and fluttering butterflies.

Lusan Mandongus’ 2017 Bridal Collection takes inspiration from mysterious meteor showers which captured the attention of mankind over the centuries. The theme Meteor Showers captures the essence of space and the lush drama of ever-changing planets and stars as they light up the cosmic universe.

In the Meteor Showers gowns, the mysterious cosmos bring awe and starry imaginations of the universe, evoking timeless beauty and the sublime. An exquisite lace pattern for the gowns has been specially designed to reflect sensuous intergalactic motions, as sparkling beadings lend weight as if like rich, shining meteors. The centerpiece of the collection features an extended cape/ train attached to the wedding dress, and as the bride walks down the aisle, full creating the effect of a meteoroid trail with the glowing translucent tulle.

We can’t wait to receive these gowns in store. We will be sure to let you know when they arrive! Like our facebook page, follow us on twitter and instagram for further news and updates.

Click here to see some of the Lusan Mandongus gowns we currently have in store.


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